Personal Protective Equipment and Load Carry

High-spec load carry and ballistic protection from military PPE specialists  


FlamePro manufacture and supply high quality load carry and ballistic protection products for the military – strategically designed to provide advanced solutions to suit any mission and any challenge.

Military protective wear must withstand the toughest of conditions, meet the most stringent of standards and ensure manoeuvrability out in the field. With our expertise and insight gained from veterans on the team, our work for the MoD and alongside our ISO 9001:2008 certification, you have the assurance that our load carry and ballistic protective gear will give your troops an essential additional defence against the very real dangers of combat.

Trusted tactical wear, responsive manufacturing

With a network of fully checked and monitored manufacturing partners across the world, we have the capacity to produce 10,000 MOLLE vests, bergens, level 3A soft armour plates, neck and groin protection, level 4 ballistic plates and lightweight helmets every month.

To maintain quality continuity, production runs are consistently inspected by FlamePro’s own on-the-ground experts in each manufacturing facility.

Our tactical load carry and ballistic protective products  

MOLLE vest carrier 

Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment revolutionised tactical gear through its multi-functionality. Layered with rows and columns of webbing, our carefully designed MOLLE vest carrier allows operatives to configure the gear to suit, through multiple adaptation abilities such as adding pouches for ammunition, IFAK’s, ration packs and water. The equipment is entirely customisable to stand up to any circumstance.

Add-on neck and groin protection

Not all active duty protection is designed to be worn as standard, but adopted where conditions allow. Our neck and groin protective add-ons best serve personnel in static positions – for those in frontline combat, the gear is generally removed in order to allow more agile movement.

Soft armour protection – NIJ 0101.04 LEVEL IIIA (9 MM. FMJ)

All of our load carry and ballistic protection equipment has been designed with compatibility in mind, with the option to add and remove components comfortably as need dictates. Our soft armour protective gear is available for our MOLLE vest carriers and the add-on protection areas for the neck, groin and shoulders.

Armour piercing rifle threat plate

NIJ 0101.04 LEVEL IV Offering NIJ 0101.04 LEVEL IV protection for frontline combat personnel.

70 litre military back pack

Our experts can manufacture and supply specialist Bergen and day sacks, developed for the military, by the military. Made from robust nylon fabric with waterproof coating, every detail has been technically designed to offer reliability and durability in any mission conditions.

Ballistic protection helmets

Available in four sizes and black, foliage green or tan colour finish, our ballistic protection helmets are the final and essential piece of any military protective kit. Offering certified protection to NIJ0101.06 Level IIIA, our helmets offer carefully designed fasteners to ensure a reliable fit that stays true even during intense combat situations.


Our load carry and ballistic protection products can be supplied at volume and on tight timescales – to learn more about our military protective wear and combat kits, please contact our specialists here.