Particulate Flash Hood

The newest defence against cancer-causing particulates


We’re gaining a greater understanding of the cancer risks in firefighting. Currently, skin absorption is thought to be the main exposure route.

According to a recent post on the BSI site: “new research into occupational exposure by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) suggests that fire contaminants on UK firefighters’ personal protective equipment (PPE) might have a link to higher cancer occurrences…”

This new PARTICULATE FLASH HOOD has been designed exclusively for FlamePro with PGI and directly tackles the risks caused by cancer-causing particulates. Unlike other particulate hoods, FlamePro’s contains quilted Nomex® Nano Flex technology. The FlamePro Particulate Flash Hood is not only more comfortable than other offerings, but it also averages 95%-98% particulate filtration which actually improves with repeated washes. The Nano Flex offers a very quiet experience too, unlike PTFE hoods.

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