Medical Equipment

Combat medical kit supplies for the frontline


For the highest quality combat medical kit, armoured ambulances and essential frontline medical equipment, you can trust FlamePro. With our  history of military partnerships and ability to satisfy rapid procurement demands at volume, together, we’ll help to treat active operatives injured in duty.

Fit-for-purpose combat medical equipment is an absolute essential, with each item or vehicle designed for the unique challenges faced on the frontline. With our medical equipment and support units, battalions will have access to rapid attention and intervention capabilities, stabilising casualties ready for transportation and further treatment.


Fast procurement for your frontline medical supplies 

With a global manufacturing network and our ISO 9001:2008 certification, you have the assurance that your medical kit and equipment will be delivered ready for active duty, and developed to the highest possible standards. Our cutting-edge supplies cover everything you need, from individual medical kits to deployable field hospital modules.


Our combat medical kit and frontline medic units


Individual military first aid kits

Designed to provide lifesaving intervention on the battlefield at point-of-wounding, these on-person combat medical kits enable the administration of immediate buddy aid, with military grade combat action tourniquet (CAT) and First Field Dressing (FFD) included.


Armoured ambulances – CASEVAC/MEDEVAC vehicles role 1

That the UK Battlefield Ambulance (BFA) has limited protection and in combat, is designed to be supported by a protected mobility or armoured vehicle evacuation plan. However, these will be used for transfer away from near the front line to the Role 2 Surgical Capability and ICU.


CASEVAC/MEDEVAC vehicles – patient transfer standard 

Where an armoured ambulance isn’t required, our standard MEDEVACs offer safe transfer of ventilated patients from the Role 2 complex to the Role 3 field hospital. These military specific mobility ambulances are fully equipped to allow for casualty treatment during transfer.


Trauma surgery capability role 2 – mobile surgery and ICU

In live combat situations, the facility to buy time and support casualties in transit is essential. With our mobile surgery and ICU vehicles, medical intervention can be carried out in those vital minutes before transfer to the Role 3 hospital.


Trauma surgery capability role 3 – field hospital & ICU

Our field hospital and ICU units are the final piece of the ‘casualty care pathway’. Fully equipped according to military standards and requirements, they provide comprehensive capabilities to ensure that personnel injured or wounded in battle receive appropriate medical care – and that following evacuation within UKR AF clinical timelines, their battlefield injuries are ultimately survivable.


With all of our combat medical equipment and frontline medical supplies available even against the most challenging procurement demands, please speak to our specialists today to partner with FlamePro.