Real Life Support

Combat rations and real life support suppliers


FlamePro offer premium procurement services for real life support supplies such as disaster relief, combat rations, and water storage and purification. Contracted by global governments who trust our exceptional execution and attention to detail, we can respond to rapid demands on even large-scale orders.

Working with ORP (UK) and MRE (US), we supply a range of specially developed, highly nutritious meal packages and custom-made ration packs designed to meet your specified dietary criteria. Utilising manufacturing facilities across the world, a team of trusted and monitored partners and an established logistics network, we offer fast fulfilment and rapid, reliable delivery.

Real life support rations for any requirement

While we have a history of partnering with the Ministry of Defence, we also work across other government departments in order to respond to challenging and changing demands. With nutrition profiles carefully considered, along with lifespan, practicality and, of course, flavour, our real life support supplies are ideal for frontline action, disaster relief, military training and many other operational environments.

Our combat rations, meals and water solutions

ORP (UK)/MRE (US) meal packages and food rations

Our comprehensive combat ration packs and meal packages include a range of ingredients and dishes covering breakfast, lunch and dinner options to ensure a 24 hour food ration for military, relief and intensive training operations. Contents vary according to customer requirements, with vegetarian and halal options also available.

Water carriage and purification capability 

While general water consumption requirements are calculated at 4 litres per day for men and 3 litres per day for women, military planning for operations has identified the need for additional water intake when working in arduous conditions. With these data benchmarks, it’s possible to estimate daily quantities required for military units or formations. Our uniquely designed and rigorously tested water carriage and purification solutions will keep platoons and squads hydrated, alert and ready for whatever their duty brings.

If you’d like to discuss your real life support requirements with our team, please get in touch and we’ll deliver high quality, competitively priced combat rations and meal packages to suit your needs.