The team responsible for FlamePro Defense are specialists, experts, key players in the industry, and ones who care about your needs. Here are some insights on our key leadership staff working to enhance your customer experience.


Tony Arnett

Tony is forward-thinking professional with 20 years experience in providing Strategic direction, leading multi-national teams, managing complex programs and projects in Infrastructure, Technology, Transformation, and Business Improvement, bringing academy and expertise in running commercial operations in Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics.


Nathan Bricknell

Along with CIMA and business management qualifications, Nathan has over 10 years of experience in R&D and the manufacture of life-saving equipment. His passion is to find the best solution every time, keeping clients safe and protected. Nathan’s person-centric view means the well-being of wearers and users is at the heart of his decision-making and innovation for the marketplace.


Reece Büchner

Reece is a well respected partner with over five years experience in leading sales teams and being your dedicated contact. Reece has exceptional client relationship skills and will always go above and beyond to ensure that your project is given the detailed attention it deserves providing regular reports and exceeding customer expectations everytime.


Caleb Hall

With more than 30 years experience in business management, Caleb Hall is our Businss Consultant at FlamePro. He specialises in understanding the needs of our customers, all the while providing stellar leadership, guidance and motivation for staff, Caleb has a sound knowledge of business and provides consulting support to other businesses globally.


Steve Smith

Steve is a seasoned finance executive and finance business partner with extensive experience in corporate financial analysis and management, business strategy and transformation, enterprise risk management, financial reporting, systems implementation, team building and leadership.



Jack Griffin

Jack has a wealth of first hand experience on the front line of national defence.  He brings an invaluable depth of understanding of requirements, specifications and live experience to ensure that our focus on the front line is razor sharp. Jack is incredibly passionate and committed, going the extra mile to ensure the best outcome at every touch point.