This system is designed to be lightweight and strong by using a PBO outershell. We’re made sure there is plenty of heat protection too, of course. However, the main focus is on the weight and strength of the system.

Outer Layer: Millenia MI 9200 – PBO

Extremely strong, light & comfortable TenCate’s extensive knowledge of textile technology has led to a unique range of outer shell products. One of the innovations is TenCate Millenia™. This fabric is one of the strongest and lightest on the market today. Even after severe thermal exposure, the fabric does not break open and maintains its strength and flexibility: safety the moment it is most needed. It is one of the world’s strongest, lightest and most comfortable outer shells available. Maintains strength even after thermal exposure – Exhibits exceptional strength retention after exposure to heat and flame: no break open. This protection is unmatched by any other outer shell. Heat stress reduction & comfort – Unparalleled breathability which helps to reduce heat stress. Allows for longer working hours and enhances comfort. Strong, but still flexible, soft and supple to secure ease of movement. Superior tear & tensile strength – Tear and tensile strength is superior; initial and after multiple washes. Provides outstanding resistance to cuts and punctures. Excellent durability – Can withstand the toughest challenges due to excellent durability and wear life

Moisture/Thermal Layer: CX140

Thermal moisture barrier technology to an entirely new level. This fabric is a thermal barrier with a membrane. The thermal barrier is engineered with a patented 3-D spun lace non-woven technology which provides better insulation and moisture management.
The ePTFE/PU bi-component laminate provides superior breathability and is high-temperature resistant and durable due to PU-layer.

Inner Layer: CZ760

This fabric is used fr military combat-uniforms as well as firefighting application. It is inherently fire resistant and has inherent wicking properties. Good durability, ripstop construction. It’s design moves sweat from the body and spreads the moisture to improve dissipation.

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