Made with ultra-strong outer shell fabric, a quilted inner layer for added thermal protection, and a modern moisture barrier. This fabric system is high-end and high-performing.

Outer Layer: Millenia MI 9200 – PBO

Extremely strong, light & comfortable TenCate’s extensive knowledge of textile technology has led to a unique range of outer shell products. One of the innovations is TenCate Millenia™. This fabric is one of the strongest and lightest on the market today. Even after severe thermal exposure, the fabric does not break open and maintains its strength and flexibility: safety the moment it is most needed. It is one of the world’s strongest, lightest and most comfortable outer shells available. Maintains strength even after thermal exposure – Exhibits exceptional strength retention after exposure to heat and flame: no break open. This protection is unmatched by any other outer shell. Heat stress reduction & comfort – Unparalleled breathability which helps to reduce heat stress. Allows for longer working hours and enhances comfort. Strong, but still flexible, soft and supple to secure ease of movement. Superior tear & tensile strength – Tear and tensile strength is superior; initial and after multiple washes. Provides outstanding resistance to cuts and punctures. Excellent durability – Can withstand the toughest challenges due to excellent durability and wear life

Moisture Layer: Stedair 3000e

Thermal Layer: CQ 760