One of our high end PBO fabric systems. Suits constructed in this system are lightweight, strong and breathable. This system only comes in one colour: gold… makes sense.

Outer Layer: Millenia MI 9180 – PBO

This extremely lightweight outer-shell fabric not only offers unmatched performance in strength, but is also safer, since it does not break open after exposure to heat and flame. This combination makes it the lightest and strongest fabric available on the market today.

Moisture Layer: CX140

Thermal moisture barrier technology to an entirely new level. This fabric is a thermal barrier with a membrane. The thermal barrier is engineered with a patented 3-D spun lace non-woven technology which provides better insulation and moisture management.
The ePTFE/PU bi-component laminate provides superior breathability and is high-temperature resistant and durable due to PU-layer.

Inner Layer: CZ760

This fabric is used fr military combat-uniforms as well as firefighting application. It is inherently fire resistant and has inherent wicking properties. Good durability, ripstop construction. It’s design moves sweat from the body and spreads the moisture to improve dissipation.