Case Studies

National Ambulance Resilience Unit – United Kingdom

Bespoke Garments – Supply and Distribution of

PPE for the National Ambulance Resilience Unit HART.

Timeframe: 6 – 8 weeks

Contract Size: 1175 full ensembles per annum

Overview: The United Kingdom contract for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to the National Ambulance Resilience (NARU) Unit HART teams involved in National Emergencies and Crises, included full ensembles of equipment for a total of 1,175 personnel across the country. The delivery time for these bespoke garments to be made to order is 6-8 weeks. The personal protection equipment is critical in keeping the team safe and assisting them playing a vital role in UK’s health services and emergency resilience. NARU is part of the National Health Service (NHS), funded by the Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response Department of NHS England.


Ministry of Defence – United Kingdom

Bespoke Garments – Supply and distribution of PPE for the Ministry Of Defence

Distribution: 97 sites globally

Contract Size: 5,000 full ensemble

Overview: The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MOD) issued a contract to globally fit out all 97 UK defence sites globally with the supply and distribution of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).This included full ensembles of equipment for 2,500 personnel, and logistics cover beyond the United Kingdom to strategic UK defence sites.


Ministry of Defence – United Kingdom, Poland, LENP

  • Arctic Sleeping bags (-30 degrees) 10,000
  • Arctic Bivvy Bags 10,000
  • Thick Roll Mats 10,000
  • Waterproof stuff bags 10,000

Timing: 7 weeks, shipments every 2 weeks

Overview: It was announced that the UK would send 12,000 sleeping kits to the Ukrainian Armed Forces to assist them in gruelling winter conditions. Suppliers, however, had lead times of 6-12 months on the sleeping systems, and the MOD needed them in 12 weeks. Once DE&S and MOD had successfully validated our product, we used one of our contracted factories to successfully supply and ship the product. We carried out third-party inspections during production and carried out a final pre-shipment inspection for every shipment per week.Working closely with our factories, we enabled fast and efficient deliveries to be made to the UK MOD. This, in turn, allowed the MOD to fulfil the promise of the government to the Ukraine, on time, and in full for the Ukrainian winter period.